You May Not Always Agree With Me

Blog 1053 – 07.14.2018

You May Not Agree With Me

You may not agree with me

And that my friend is fine.

Time past I’d have burned

Just for speaking my mind.

Even yet some are reluctant,

At least queezy and uneasy

To speak up about religions’

Cruelty hard inconsistency.

Having been a long devotee,

I feel somehow honor bound,

Be against hard as I was for.

Some may not like the sound.

Everyone has the right to review

The line of BS that they believed

But equally other options to view

More than one, be not deceived.

You may not agree with me

And that is you prerogative.

What I know, at least think so,

We get to choose how we live.

Help Wanted Ad

I am looking for a melody writer to collaborate with on what I hope will be many popular songs. Must be open-minded, courageous, and not so much in a hurry to get rich quick as to encourage, entertain, uplift, and change minds for the better. Do let me know if you are interested in a creative musical marriage of sorts. Write tunes to my lyrics, or I lyrics to your tune, both always having the option of which songs we agree to put our names on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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