So Are You

Blog 1052 – 07.13.2018

So Are You

Some folks think I pick-on religious people, Christians in particular, too much, but for the proponents of any religion my advice is: “If you can’t stand the heat quit preaching hell.” As a boy at a little white church (and, no, the few white folk who came allowed no other colors to attend there till after I had left for the Army). One of my mother’s favorite often sung solo song there was titled “Unworthy.” I recall a few of the words:

“Unworthy, Unworthy,

A beggar and alone

But He made me worthy

And now by His blood

His mercy has made me His own.”

I remember thinking then how pretty it sounded, but sometimes, mercifully, I forget how gory, I now believe, and how sadly mistaken, those cherished beliefs of the first half of my journey were. Unworthy, indeed who said so? But those who would put us down and keep us down with promises of forgiveness. For what exactly? Being human, making a few or many mistakes – that is how we are meant to learn – not burn. Oh, don’t get me wrong I still see in Christianity and all the religions positive and uplifting things too but none of them, at least in my mind, over come the terrible weight, of judgement, condemnation, and eternal damnation, that the bloody vengeful God many believe in requires. A friend, a Christian, was not happy with me for comparing Christianity to the ole time practice of offering virgins to the fire god to appease his wrath, but isn’t the Jesus many preach such a sacrifice on behalf us otherwise “unworthy worms” i.e. “Would he devote that sacred head for such a worm as I.” But I am no worm and neither are you, but a child of the Universe, a princess or a prince (a co-heir with Jesus and each other in his own words) and as such worthy of everything we want. Prove me wrong, and it will take more than twisting a few scriptures to prove a point. I practiced that skill many years myself and would have made a fine lawyer. In the wonderful words of our youth and the perennial Christmas movie, A Christmas Story, “I double dog dare you.” to believe that you too are worthy of getting everything you want.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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