The Tale Of An Avid Cycylist

Blog 1051 – 07.12.2018

The Tale Of An Avid Cycylist

I have mentioned more than once that I am still very much in touch with my inner child. As a child I was so thrilled at finally being able to balance a bike and completely taken like the fictional stock car racer, Ricky Bobby, with Going Fast that I never quite got over the thrill of free-wheeling down a hill on my bike. It makes all the hills more than worth the extra pumping.

Biking is an analogy of life – getting places under your own steam and enjoying each turn in the road, enjoying all the rest, and knowing whatever comes works out for the best. Are you sure of that Dave? It has been my experience. Grant it, sometimes you have to get a bit passed somethings before you can fully realize the good that the Universe had in mind for you in them.

It helps till you figure out those particularly hard lessons to think of some things as just practice and preparation for better things to come. I would have never known the thrill of coasting down Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee if had not had the rather grueling ride up, often so steep I had to get off and walk the bike huffing and puffing. But woah, what a fast, wild, and wonderful ride down, so fast it was a bit scary. Such is life itself at times.

On a big jet plane over the Pacific Ocean on a twenty one hour flight from Travis Air Force Base in California to Long Bien, South Vietnam as a nineteen year old, I remember being excited and scared what lay around that particular bend in my life’s road. Some never came back to the States from that flight but took a short cut home. Exactly where or when our own off ramp will be we do not know, but there, too, we all shall go.

The most important thing is to make the most of the ride and have fun. I love to ride my bike and I have ridden on the board walk in Atlanta City and now on a bike path that goes past Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox and Chief Bemidji where the Great Mississippi of song and lore has it’s start. I have had several bikes on which I have pedaled literally thousands of miles. My current bike pictured above, I have only had a relatively short while, but the speedometer already reads over one hundred and sixty miles. I hope to turn that speedometer over a time or two before I’m through. Keep on pedaling, Bike. Keep on pumping, Heart.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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