Blog 1040 – 07.01.2018


Th first of July (or the month I call Emily) I have posted episodes from the life of my dear departed daughter Emily Elaine White for the last three years. Not in sadness but because that little girl who sang her song to anyone who came along was encouragement personified. I am not posting her story again this year. It is there the last three July(s) (Emily (s) if you care to scroll down and find all thirty-two episodes, chapters, as well as a preface and epilogue. I would love for everyone to know Emily.

Emily was no lone star. Every mommie, daddy’s little girl and little boys too are bright and shining stars if we let them and sometimes even when we do our level best to dampen and darker their light, ignorantly or on purpose, they still shine through.

A friend gave me a Lonestar CD recently. I already know that the mockingbird, me, will sing I’m Already There and Not A Day Goes By, because they make me cry every time I hear them. And when I can sing them for you without choking up I will.

We are not lone stars either and even the Lone Star Great State Of Texas early on decided to join its star to others, briefly misguidedly, I think, joined up with some failed confederates but we worked that out, well at least most of us. With Brexit, in Great Britain, and our current administration’s penchant for “trying to go it alone” there is always some one who wants to believe against the great words of the poet John Donne, and think they are an island all on their own. That is never ever true of countries, people, or even stars. We are for better or worse a part of others. We are theirs and they are ours.

Lonestar, I like your songs but not your name so much. Maybe something more along the lines of Constellation if that isn’t already taken.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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