This Is Not A Test

Blog 1039 – 06.30.2018

This Is Not A Test

When I a boy the radio and TV would announce, “This is only a test” and send out a long beep which we were told was to test the emergency alert network. I think they still do that and here in Wisconsin most smaller towns sound their warning alarm every day at noon just as a test.

I got an email from my friend, Mike Dooley, author of Notes From The Universe, that reminded me that I no longer believe that this life is a test to determine where I or anyone else will spend eternity. That misbegotten notion was I think fostered upon us by basically the same mind-set that believed throwing virgins into volcanoes, off high cliffs, or staking them out for dragons or ravenous beast would somehow placate an angry god. All this really does is maintain the middle men, those go betweens, who are always supposedly bargaining with god on the behalf of us little guys. Poppy-cock, horse-spit and really a convenient excuse to kill animals and roast and eat their flesh too. I enjoy a good cut of meat as much or more than the next girl or guy but I have no patience for this bloody gory god that must have blood to overlook our “mistakes”, missing-the-mark, “sins.” Nor have I for the charlatans or the more ignorant ones caught up in this ruse. I like to believe that I was one of the later but there were strong clues that even I could not altogether deny that I was just part of a giant conspiracy to deceive and defraud my brothers and sisters. Preaching a truth that was more often just a convenient lie to feather the nest of a few and keep strapped the majority, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Sounds a bit like so many other political and business scams does it not?

This is not a test my friends. It is a divine romp. No, not about some sick deity tormenting us with detention, suspension, or expulsion from school if we do not score high enough. We are the divine ones who left our god-robes in the cloak-room so we could play out these marvelous adventures without knowing the answers ahead of time. Or as Mike says, our problems are only plot devices to help reveal our true gifts, powers, and divine ingenuity. No, my friends this is no test, no proving ground, at least not to prove our worthiness to some Judge or anyone else, more like just a gentle reminder to ourselves of Who and Whose we truly are, have always been, and always shall be – world without end, Amen.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Still a little bit of a preacher, but no judgement or condemnation, not even for the judges or condemners, they too are here to play whatever roles they choose and find themselves again.

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