Further North

Blog 1041 – 07.02.2018

Further North

It has been quite hot in Wisconsin the last couple of weeks and I joked with one of the work crewmen that I follow as a contract welding and utility inspector that I might have to ask my contract inspection company to find me an assignment further north, maybe Canada. Be careful what you ask for or you might find as I have that we get what we intend. And I know this might sound a bit crazy to many traditionalists who believe in destiny, divinely designed, or otherwise. I am despite what others may think open to new ideas, not so much to the old tired and tried ones.

A week from tomorrow I start a new work assignment in the Bemidji, Minnesota area. As I was only briefly in and across Minnesota a couple of times and that several years ago I am excited that I will get to be there and further north than Canada’s Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. Yep, the Universe did it again – gave me just what I asked for, even more, and at just the right time and it just the right way.

I know many of you just do not buy made-man global warming. It just does not mesh with your economic, political, or religious agendas. Flash for you, though the science seems pretty clear to me, even scientists can get it wrong. I know I certainly can and have which is why I try to keep my reverse gear greased up just in case I need to use it as I often do. I told a friend who disagrees with me on many points that I used to like Dennis Miller’s take on many things. His rants were so inspiring and he concluded each one with, “But that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.” I have not heard him say that since he became a comfortable conservative Republican. That is too bad, not just for him, but for all of us when we begin to see our opinions as absolutes. The old saying, “There are no absolutes” not even that quote.

No matter what we think there is always someone who thinks that crazy, wrong, or just apostate. Another flash, we still get to think for ourselves and I for one encourage myself and others to do just that. Always question the status quo, what you think you know, especially when it gets too comfortable or you may find yourself condoning and even preaching some pretty terrible stuff. Need some examples, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” – “Black folks are fine everybody ought to own one.” And another that still sends chills up my spine, “But some in the city are Catholic. Kill ‘em all let God decide.” I am just afraid that “America First” really means “White guys and money first.” But hey, it’s just my opinion and I could be wrong. And as for man-made global warming, this southern boy is glad to be heading further north.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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