The Way To Heaven Is Paved With Good Intentions

Blog 1034 – 06.25.2018

The Way To Heaven Is Paved With Good Intentions

Over time I have developed what I believe to be a very healthy habit as the song says of always looking on the bright side of my life. Some think this a personality trait but not I. They, most of them, did not know me as timid, fearful, mostly sad, and lonely little child. My mind was mostly a dark and lonesome place. Really, because for mostly economic reasons my family moved so often I spent my elementary school years in three different schools. About the time, slow, shy, and backward as I was, that I was beginning to make a few friends I was uprooted and had to start over in a new school. I missed my mama so terribly, she was my sun, and called me her sunshine. Even my time at home with her and my dad and brother were overcast with the dark thought that in just a few hours I would be cast back into a friendless dark foreboding place. For some time I have forsaken the belief in a literal burning lake of eternal fire called hell. The guys I served in Vietnam used to say, “When I die, I know I’ll go to heaven ‘cause I have spent my time in hell.” Vietnam was not hell for me, it was the best duty assignment that I had my three years in the Army. I had it made, had a safe secure place to live and work, great food, but even most of that I ruined for myself being home sick for family and friends and a lovely new young wife that I never got to live with after all. I had a band of brother that I little appreciated there till I came home stateside. My childhood was hell and most of my young and even middle life was a hell that I created in my own mind choosing rather to focus on the darkness than the light, the beast than the beauty. It is always our choice what we see. We can choose to see everything positively or negatively.

That skewed view I have in later life learned to practice comes in handy. I have heard people say, “The way to hell is paved with good intentions” by I say the opposite is more true – the way to heaven is paved with good intentions. Exactly what we intend, propose, think of, dwell on, focus on is what comes to us. Or as the wise word says, “As a person thinks in their heart so they are.”

One more turn of phrase: Murphy says, “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the most in opportune time” but I say – If anything can go right it will go right at the most opportune time. This life is what we think it, see it, make it. Just a little change, (Of mind, heart, view) small to say the least, makes beauty of the beast.–Su8vK9MjM9ZbY23V7do3Y6MXT

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty is in us and all around us. We need only turn our eyes, our hearts, and our minds to see it. The beast of it is there is in us also a ravenous Beast that would devour all the beauty in us and that we see about us and keep us in darkness, dread, a fear. From time to time, in fact, constantly we are bombarded with light from the stars of the Universe, the closest and brightest being our day sun. But the beast within would have us silly and rather stupidly believe that even the brightest day is but a dark starless night. We have only to open our big eyes, hearts and minds. In reality even the scary beast in us, like in the fairy tale, is only a handsome prince or beautiful princess, if you’d rather, in disguise requiring a little change of mind, of heart, on our part, a slight skewing of our view to see it is only beauty. As another wise word says, “He makes even darkness light” i.e. even that beastly into beauty.

Just A Little Change, A Turn

Sometimes I think we, many folk,

Have the self same silly notion

That ours mind more than others

Is a deep dark and scary ocean.

And so we fear being still and silent

Lest irresistible waves crash over us

But we have the power to change

Till our own thoughts we can trust.

No matter what dark thought comes

It bears along within it a seed of light

We just need learn negativity to spurn

All things look better when turned right.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Skewed view guy and phrase turner,

David White

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