The Game Is Rigged, We Win

Blog 1035 – 06.26.2018

The Game Is Rigged, We Win, Home Free, No Matter Who Or What We Believe

Yesterday, I blogged about turning negative statements and thoughts into positive ones. It is a favorite subject of any encouraging word guy or girl and how we all need and love encouragement. If you are looking for someone to commiserate with you in your misery or to unload all your troubles on – Do Not Do It!!! It doesn’t work for you as the mere act of repeating woes makes them more woe-full for you and it is no “heaven of a thing” to do even to a stranger let alone to a friend or lover. I have written repeatedly that I no longer believe in an eternal burning hell nor any god who would send his or her children there or even their enemies and non-believers.

I have been off Facebook for about a year now. It was way too time consuming for me and frankly I found the way even supposed friends attacked one another just not very encouraging. And I just do not need that kind of crap in my life. So I freed myself from my Facebook addiction. In one of my blogs or comments on Facebook I had expressed something about Jesus that someone took not at all in the way that I had intended and one person commented to all their friends and I was on their friends list so I got copied to, that: “I don’t think David likes Jesus very much.” I commented back, that was just not so for I love the meek and lowly Jesus, the caring, forgiving Jesus, the sweet baby Jesus. What I really wanted to say is I have no problem at all with Jesus dead or alive. Jesus to borrow a song lyric is just all right with me. It is those people who take his name in vain, not cussing people – adults use adult words, but people who claim to be Christian, Jesus-like, and still preach hate, revenge, war, and would shoot you if you cross them. Damn, isn’t forgiving a cross a Jesus thing? Anyway, I try to keep reminding everyone that I speak to, blog to, and sing to about, “The old time religion that makes me love everybody.” and to not be so occupied with drama, hell, and all the people that we might wish to go there. Grandmas used to say, ” If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” These days even many grandmas are packing and you best not cross them.

John Lennon sang, “Imagine there’s no heaven” by which he clearly meant why not make this place the heaven we are looking for, but guess who did not like that much – many Christians, who if they really loved like Jesus would want to make this world as sweet as possible for all those billions of people by their own sad sadistic reckoning that they believe will not have any other good times they than they get to know right here. I say, “Imagine there’s no hell and that no one wishes that sort of thing upon anyone.” Oh, but, Crazy Dave we need a hell and a boogeyman to scare folks straight.” That really is sick and twisted on several levels.

If you really believe that, you should start a blog:

I think that is what they try to do in many churches already. And as I said about Facebook, I just do not need that kind of crap in my life. Glenn Campbell in one of his early love songs, “Honey Come Back” sang, rather spoke and sang:

If you ever want somebody to just love you

And someday you just may.

Just give me a call. You know where I am.

And here’s what I’ll say.

(as would any lover or god worth having)

Honey Come Back

“Honey Come Back, I just can’t stand

Each lonely day’s a little bit longer

Than the last time I held you

Seems like a hundred years ago

Back to these arms you’ll never know

The joy of a love that used to taste like honey.

Come Back where you belong, to only me.”

Your friend, fellow traveler,

Honey lover, and friend of Jesus,

David White

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