Good Morning, Star Shine

Blog 1033 – 06.24.2018

Good Morning, Star Shine

…The earth says, “Hello.” They twinkle above you. They twinkle below. I was just a young man when I first heard that song. When I saw this beautiful white star-shaped bloom those words and the tune came back to me. Like Jane Frohmann, nineteen forties and fifties torch-singer’s biography, “With A Song In My Heart” I have many songs in my heart and when I chose the title from a line from the Nora Jones song, “Seven” i.e. “Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along” for a book about my songbird daughter who sang her heart out for the thirty-two years she was allotted, she was Sunshine, she was Star Shine. We are all creatures of light and it is up to us how bright we will let that light glow.


I see the light in you, and in myself reflected in your eyes, the light of love. Child, that is what you and I are all about, shining, and loving. What greater work have we or has anyone to do. If you pile up a billion dollars or two, who will care after you are gone? Oh, someone may write a book about you, maybe a song about what a greedy bitch or bastard you were but more likely they will not remember you fondly if at all.

Candle In The Wind

There is in the accounts of Jesus, the carpenter turned teacher preacher later martyr, a story of a young rich man who came wishing to follow him and asked, “What would you have me do?” The master told him, “Go sell all you have and give the money to the poor, then come follow me.” The story ends with the young man going away sorrowfully. We assume because he was unwilling to let go. That is always our biggest problem with people, places, and things when we think mistakenly that we own them – they end up owning us because we cannot let them go.

Even as lovely as it is to love someone for a life time how sad for the surviving one if they cannot graciously and lovingly let go. The Universe is always tenderly trying to teach us to hold all this lightly for like the beautiful little white star-shaped blossom all this is momentary and cannot be held onto but to our hurt. Everything is indeed ours to enjoy but not to own or be owned by. We not alone, we are not meant to own or be owned, or to be on our own, we are a part of the Whole.

Keep shining, Star Shine, we are each of us lighting the way home not just for ourselves but others. Let us each rejoice in all the star light.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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