My Baby’s Back

Blog 1032 – 06.23.2018

My Baby’s Back

I got my baby back all repaired and painted. And, yes, I know to you she may just look like a truck but to me she is so much more. She is a Ram by damn, a sweet ride, trusty companion and a fine recording studio too. Over the last three years I have spent countless hours and over 90,000 miles with her and everyone of them in comfort, cool when it was hot outside and toasty when it was bitter cold. Even Roy Rogers’ Trigger, Gene Autry’s Champion, nor the Lone Ranger’s Silver could do that for them nor provide back up music and singers for them when they sang.

Little Red Rodeo

I did enjoy zipping around in the little red Ford Focus rental car I drove while my four full size door, 5.7 Hemi, all white shining beauty was being worked on. Before her my all black Jeep Wrangler was my constant companion and sweet ride for six years and over one hundred and fifty thousand miles. Somewhere I had read one should pick basic colors, nothing too exotic or flashy, for vehicles you planned to keep a while because basic colors they wear on you better. I must agree that black, white, and red have been so for me.

There are plenty of lovely colored flowers along the road to provide a rainbow of variety for beauty seeking eyes. I see a move in my future, several of them in the, I hope, many years remaining me. And I can hardly wait to hook up my Little Home On Wheels On The Prairie, and drag her with my Rammie passed snow capped mountain vistas again or wherever the road leads.

Since I showed, you, my friends, a picture of her on what was for her and me also a “bad hair day” I thought I would share this one of her all smiles again And with this little blog let you and everyone else know how glad that I am to have my baby back.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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