One Reason Things Go Slow

Blog 1031 – 06.22.2018

One Reason Things Go Slow

Sometimes the reason that things go slow is to remind us that we have plenty of time. I read that recently and it rang true to me. I have spent way too much of my life “in a hurry” and for what? Life is so much more fun and enjoyable if we savor the moments and take our sweet time. Oh, I know the owners, the bosses, the people in power are always pushing for more and greater productivity, shorter lead times on products, more efficient and faster production times, cheaper labor costs but, hey, but none of that makes for a life only a blacker bottom line. In the great scheme of things not the most noble or highest goal. Time was, or perhaps it was even then an employee relations myth, that companies cared about the lives and futures of their employees, yes, and those white plantation owners really loved their slaves and thought of them as family – family they got rich off and stayed rich off of their labors, sweat, tears, and toil. Sound a bit familiar? That is not the way family is supposed to treat family.

Wage slaves sell their time. Even professional high paid people like medical doctors, psychologists, and lawyers are paid by the hour, so most of us have learned in the work a day world to put a price on our time. I often joke that we are all whores – we work for money. I actually have a more nuanced definition for “whore” – someone who really loves what they are doing. I also like to remark, “Jesus loves whores and so do I.” It often gets a laugh but I am serious. Pleasure seekers know what they want and will always be the first to find and to enter heaven. As Jesus told the sharp, hard, and staid religious folk of his day, the Sadducees (pretty “sad” you see) and the Pharisees (over concerned about justice what is “fair” you see) – “The harlots (whores) and the tax collectors (guys always up for a quick buck) will enter the kingdom of heaven before you.” Pleasure seekers will always find and float on the river of pleasure.

For the time of your life there is no substitute for following the desires of your heart. Too many have found dead ends, death, and disappointment trying to follow the road of selflessness and sacrifice. Contrary to appearances those two roads always lead to disillusionment and disappointment in the end. The sweet bread crumbs dropped by our previous selves, Hansel and Gretel, always lead home.

Hey, and if the road makes a detour or six that is fine – we have got plenty of time. Lifetimes of it I can only assume to figure it all out.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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