A Tribute To Actor Keanu Reeves

Blog 1028 – 06.19.2018

A Tribute To Actor Keanu Reeves

The first movie I ever remember seeing Keanu Reeves in was Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Later after that he played another zany high schooler in Parenthood, both excellent vehicles to show off his young acting talents. I, being a particular fan of time-travel stories and a long time fan of the late great George Carlin, loved Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure and got the first of many clues that helped me toward a strong belief that we are actually and I mean quite literally the co-creators and playwrights of these storied life’s we live out day to day.

In Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure the two keep coming up with things that they desperately need to accomplish their mission. But they have a phone booth time machine, they simply go back in time and leave a note for their past selves or put the items when and where they will need them, problems solved.

As I was saying one of my favorite mantras to myself this morning on my drive to work the reality of my first cause philosophy came strikingly to me again. These words came to me out of the blue over nine years ago:

“I am so grateful that everything I could every want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

I wonder if even on some subconscious level we all know this, even Keanu Reeves too, for it seems no accident that laid out before him in his later acting career were The Matrix series, the John Wick franchise, The Devil’s Advocate, and even two movies with the lovely Sandra Bullock, Speed, the first as young people, and The Lake House, as mature lovers separated by time, that old time travel thing again. And so many other great life and movie adventures, even Bill and Ted could not have planned it any better, huh, Keanu?

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And long time fan of Keanu Reeves,

David White

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