Dad’s Are Incredible Too

Blog 1027 – 06.18.2018

Dad’s Are Incredible Too

I saw the new Disney/Pixar movie release on Father’s Day called The Incredibles 2. I saw the first one fourteen years ago with my then fourteen year old son. Mothers by far get the highest praise, the most poetic, the loveliest cards, and the most candy and flowers on their day and deservedly so. Dad’s get mostly ties, later top placers in ugly tie contests, and lots of Old Spice cologne. Do we really smell that bad? My dad like that radical cleanliness nut, Benjamin Franklin, was a weekly bather but you would have thought he never bathed at all if you saw how often his Father’s Day, birthday, and Xmas gift was a new bottle of Old Spice, sometimes two, aftershave and cologne. They always smelled the same to me. Boyhood conspiracy theorist that I was, I figured it was like regular, mid-grade, and super octane gas all pumped out of the same tanker truck. Dads never complain except to say you should not spend your money on them – save it, someday you will, might, wish you had.

On Mother’s Day I wrote a poem for Mama. Here’s one for


Even if “No” is often his “go to” word

Heart nevertheless in the right place

He pleads and prod you save some

Not money on gifts for him to “waste.”

He may not keep a box stuffed full

Of pictures you once drew for him

Memories are his priceless pictures

And will be till his mind grows dim.

If you still have your loving daddy

Thank heaven for your good luck

Gifts dad prefers, a few chosen words

Not “Borrow the car?” or “Got an extra buck?”

We are so happy when you ladies and girls and even perhaps a few wary sons admit that we dads though perhaps not always nor often enough are pretty incredible too.

My Father

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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