Fellow Traveler?

Blog 1029 – 06.20.2018

Fellow Traveler?

Why, Dave, do you always sign off “Your friend and fellow traveler”? Well. First of all because if you are reading this you are my friend. But you might say, I hardly know you and I have hardly been out of my own state and don’t get out much, how am I a fellow traveler? Well, first of all, even if you have and continue to stay pretty close to home you and I are time travelers together, traveling through the times of these and perhaps past lives and lives yet to come together. Also even the quite sedentary folk travel far and wide in their minds. I have heard of astral out of body traveling and though I have no recollection of any personal experience with this, I am open to the idea. What great fun that would be. I think it is something like that movie goers, readers, and video game player have in common, wanting more excitement and adventure in their lives.

My dear departed mother, Alene Florence Davidson White dreamed of traveling the world but saw with her eyes so little of it in her relatively brief sixty-nine year stay. But her love of reading transported her all over the wide world. And though she never got to see the Grand Canyon, her most shared travel dream, or the beloved western part of the United States, she rode the range with her cowboy heroes Gene Autry and Roy Rogers as a girl and read Zane Gray novels all her life so she saw the Wild West as many who have been through it many times never do.

I love the West, especially the northwest, but then there are few if any places on this big blue ball that I would not like to see again and again. I do not particularly desire to go to countries where the natives kidnap foreigners to sell them back to their companies for a livelihood and where you have to sleep in a guarded compound to hopefully keep that from happening. I actually did that once for eleven months in South Vietnam. It is a beautiful country. I would like to see it less covered with sand bagged bunkers and barbed wire strung everywhere.

My wanderlust is up and the itch to travel upon me. It seems my three month assignment to Wisconsin turned into a couple of years. I am grateful for all that I have gotten to see and for the many people that I have gotten to meet and to know here. And I promise each and every one of you that as I ride off down the road into the sunrise or sunset that I will be singing an old familiar song that Roy Rogers and Dale Evans taught me as a boy:

“Happy trails to you

Until we meet again

Happy trails to you

Keep smiling until then

Happy trails to you

Till we meet again.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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