Somewhere In Time

Blog 1022 – 05.13.2018

Somewhere In Time

I think one of the biggest problem with meditating, praying, intending, manifesting, and with living in the present is staying focused on the now. Keeping one’s time and attention focused on anything for very long is a great problem to most of us. Keeping our mind focused at all requires patience and disciple neither of which are strong suits for most of us. If that card playing analogy means little to you we many of us are not patient or disciplined especially when it comes to thinking.

As I write this my mind wanders to one of my favorite love story movies, Somewhere In Time, with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. I love, love stories and time travel movies and this one is both. If you have never seen this movie, please do.

In the movie the writers use a unique and interesting time travel device, no machine, no vehicle, only the focus, the incredible and specific focus of the mind. Most agree that “Now” is the time we ought to focus on but the young man in the story focuses so strongly on a lovely vision from the past, even before this life adventure began for him. He travels back to meet her and he gets to spend but a little time with her. Through but a brief lack of focus he is thrown back into his present and is unable to get back to her. He fights and struggles and in the end is frustrated and lost, rather finds his true love someplace outside of time. Spoiler alert, too late for that. Watch it and see for yourself or watch it again.

Now is the time we ought best be enjoying, employing the eternal moment we are in and should be focused on and experiencing fully. This, I think:

Is prayer

Is intention

Is meditation

Is manifestation

Is what it is to truly live if only for brief moments at a time.

Want to be somewhere in time. Be here, be now, and be happy.

Your friend and fellow time traveler,

David White

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