Matters Of Differing Taste

Blog 1021 – 06.12.2018

Matters Of Differing Taste

I heard a story the other day about a man from Texas who always started his meals with dessert and ended them with peanut butter and honey. Strange tastes you say, how so? As the saying goes, “There is no accounting for tastes” other’s or our own it seems sometimes.

Our tastes are more than anything else our true claims to singularity, to uniqueness but even they it seems are not all that unique or singular. I, too, like having dessert first when I can, as do most kids, and yes, I too would like having peanut butter and honey be the last taste in my mouth as I left the table if it was always available.

When I was a young man newly wed (And I am not bragging but I have been several times) this particular time my new bride and I rented a two bed room house to start our married life together. Another college couple we knew had rented one side of a small duplex next door. It always seemed to us that they must have had more money for they were always traveling on the weekends or taking camping trips across the country together. Our rents were not that different, nor the pay from our after school jobs. My wife and I enjoyed eating out more often and going to movies when we could, also our food pantry and refrigerator were never bare. Our friends ate out seldom and attended movies far less frequently ate meager meals, and did not kept their larder as full. They preferred spending what monies they had left after basic expenses on travel and adventures together. Oh, and if you are wondering, their marriage did not last long either.

Neither of our choices on what to spend our money and our time together was right or wrong or better. They were as most of our choices are just matters of differing tastes.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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