Some Things Bear Repeating

Blog 1023 – 06.14.2018

Some Things Bear Repeating

I have probably said, wrote, or sung this before but some thoughts, words, and tunes bear repeating. It is not just old people, and I do not feel old but numbers do not lie, that repeat themselves. We all share favorite stories or points of view even if nobody else seems to be listening all that close. Perhaps we are the ones that need to hear it again most.

My daddy loved to tell his most favorite stories and jokes over and over again and his grandson “little Jake” as a wee lad loved watching the same videos, All Dog’s Go To Heaven, being one, over and over again. Somethings we only come to understand, to really get, after much repetition. Many if not all our minds are just made that way. Oh, some, they say, have a photographic memories or grasp deep and complicated things right alway. But by far more of us are just plodders and get it only eventually after we go over it again and again until it is memorized and really a part of us. That is the way I learn a song and probably everything that I have ever truly learned, I learned, through repetition.

You are wandering, Dave. I do that, it is my particular modus operandi, for you cop drama fans. Watching and wandering, it is amazing what you can see or find. When I mentioned one of Jake’s grandson’s, my own boy J’s favorite boyhood movie I knew the point that I wanted to re-make in this piece but figured I needed to wander around it a bit before driving it home. And I know that can be exasperating for some of you who would just prefer that I get right to the point and then there are some of my religious friends that do not care for or agree with some of the points that I try to make. And that is okay and this is one of them. They believe the Bible teaches some things that I do not or disagree with if it does. I would rather believe J’s movie that all dogs and even all dog lovers, cat and other, and no animal owners too, go to heaven. The idea that, “Sorry, love ya, Jesus” makes a difference or is all that is needed or necessary in the big scheme of things just seems a bit small and silly to me now. It did not always, so I understand their zeal and consternation with me now. Big word, just means that I surprise and piss them off rejecting their spiel. I have not believed in Hell for a long time. That was definitely one of those beliefs no longer serving me that I let go. And even Heaven I see so differently now, not as a place that we are going to but a place we have always been in and it in us. Like the little child said of God, “He/She’s everywhere, everywhere” No place being therefore that bad a place to be.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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