Advice To Speakers, Writer, Singers, Song-Writers, Teachers – Communicators

Blog 1020 – 06.11.2018

Advice To Speakers, Writers, Singers, Song-Writers, Teachers- Communicators

Warning: If you are easily offended by unguarded words you might want to skip this blog as one perhaps offense term is used and often.

First if you can be or do anything else, be and do that. It is highly unlikely that you will earn must praise or financial reward for your best efforts and perhaps even panning, scorn, and loathing for your worse. But this is not why I warn you off. If you can do or be anything else you really should for if you are any of the above you could no more be anything else than a dog could be a cat or the reverse. You may find your gift or calling sometimes a curse but aren’t they all and as well a blessing beyond telling, writing, rhyming, singing or teaching.

The Three S, W, and T Syndrome, as I call it, is a melody or malady that you just cannot get out of your head or heart. I had a dear fan thank me for my advice today. Probably the rarest comment I ever receive. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful if anything I speak, sing, write, or teach can be of help or service to anyone. I believe that I have a genuine love in my heart for others especially since I came to accept and love myself.

As I was sharing with a friend today, we all have been and perhaps even are still at times “Ass holes.” If that term offends your sensibilities just insert “Mr or Miss Stinkies” every time I use it. But no matter how hard you wash them or perfume them ass holes are ass holes and they just get stinky again. Which is why it is, I think, so important that you come to terms with, love, and appreciate one Ass-Hole in particular- you. Oh, and when you do it will be so much easier for you to love the rest of us Ass-holes.

But you may protest, “Dave, I am many things but I am not an Ass-Hole.” Really? Well, I think I would not have to look further than your dearest friends and closest family to get testimony to the contrary, actually even several willing to swear on a Bible just how contrary and “Ass-Holy” you have been and can be. (And I known I misspelled that one but that was on purpose.)

I think this blog is destined to become the Ass Hole Blog and that is okay as it is time we aired this problem – pun intended. We have all played this role, need I say it again – Ass Hole. Many of us do it so well that we ought to put in on our resumes. Who knows it might even get you a job as a boss, I think that is a requirement or it certainly seems so at times. I knew I’d get an amen or two.

But back to that good advice to speakers, writers, song-writers, and teachers. And no I am not going to say, “Don’t be an Ass-Hole.” Let’s not try to fool ourselves or anyone else any more. Embrace who you are be that rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, indigenous chief or even Ass-Hole extraordinaire. As much as I tire of hearing “It is what it is.” (What else could it be, really?) It is also true that we are who we are. But never fear for we are also, loved, lovable, and altogether lovely. Cut yourself some slack, you Beloved A…. And speakers, writers, singers, song-writers, keep putting “your truth” out there. We all need your particular take on things whether we always realize it or not.

Your friend and fellow traveler

And long time A……

David White

And written on a Sunday with that potty mouth. If you are thinking, “Shame on you.” I faced my shame, admitted I have been and still am sometimes an Ass-hole. How about you? To paraphrase Lincoln, the Universe must love Ass-Holes having made so many.

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