Making The Most Of The Time We Have Left

Blog 1019 – 06.10.2018

Making The Most Of The Time We Have Left Us

For many years I have loved and sung the Jim Croce song, Time In A Bottle. It is a wistful and wishful love ballad about someone hoping to capture moments and relive them for always. Oddly enough we may indeed actually get to do that and perhaps that is what our best and most beautiful memories are. In college in Psychology 101 second semester one of the professors told a story from the early days of Psychology when they were just exploring hypnotism and the power of it to take patients back in their minds to early often hidden childhood memories. Educated people have long thought of memories as little more than faded photographs of the past but in one particularly revealing session with a patient involving hypnotic regression to the man’s childhood the psychologist realized that in the patient’s mind’s eye he was actually seeing and reliving a walk that he had taken as a child to school and that he as a boy was even counting the windows and the bricks in the buildings that he passed along the way to school. The familiar Shakespeare quote comes to mind about there being worlds not dreamt of in our limited thinking and philosophies.

I think that we all intend to make the most of the time we have but how often we just spoil it by worrying about how fast it is fleeting or stressing about wasting it. Waste an hour playing like a child with children in the grass. Skip out of work one day early to pick your kids up at school with fishing poles tied to the sides of the car to take them fishing all night. These are the finest memories of time spent as a child with my mom, dad, and brother. And I would not trade those precious memories and many others with all my loved ones for a month’s pay, not even a year’s. Time is often the most treasured gift we have to give to those we love and even to ourselves.

Do you waste time on your first love, your longest, most faithful love, yourself? Please do so for no one else even a mother or the hottest sexiest lover can make that one’s dreams come true as you can. Sometimes making the most of the time we have is wasting it for no other purpose than to just be there for the one we love. We cannot save time in a bottle but we can make memories in our hearts that will warm us through the cool nights and cool us through the hot days and throughout this adventure in time and space and even perhaps those yet to come.

Sorry, I thought I had already recorded Time In A Bottle and could link it here but that will have to wait. Here is a previous mockingbird recording of Endless Love for you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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