A Positive Change Of Focus

Blog 1018 – 06.09.2018

A Positive Change Of Focus

We all have genetic, cultural, and experiential differences that cause us to see the world, people, things, and challenges differently. I get that and I do not wish to change you or anyone not even myself but there are some particular ways of thinking that do not help us make the best of our lives. I know that because for most of my life I have allowed my mind to be full of not only silly and stupid thoughts but very hurtful ones as well.

I know what depressed people think who are contemplating suicide. I have been there more that once. I know what it is like to feel completely abandoned, rejected, and unloved. I have felt those feelings, thought those thoughts, and nursed my wounds like an agonizing cancer eating away at the core of my being. We have most if not all of us known such moments in the dark night of our souls if even for a short time. How we deal with those moments says a lot about us or not that much at all really. I judge no one, not even myself. I only suggest that the best coping mechanism I have ever found and no it is not drugs, rock and roll, nor even religion, is what I call my “skewed view.” Imagine whatever it is that it is not happening to you and that you are only watching it happen to someone else and also cheering for the highest and best out-come for that seemingly poor and unfortunate soul. I believe if you will do that the fortunes of the watched will soon start to change and that you can as a watcher of this process begin to really cheer in earnest and celebrate that soul’s successes and great good fortune. And you will know and begin to see yourself revealed through your avatar as the magnificent being you always were only now awakening to your highest potential.

It is amazing what a little positive focus can do even a skewed view from outside yourself. Whatever else you do, enjoy this amazing lifetime.


Come Away With Me

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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