Flirting With Disaster

Blog 1011 – 06.02.2018

Flirting With Disaster

Whatever else we might choose to believe about these lives that we live, they are brief passion plays in which we often flirt with disaster. They all have a beginning, a short span in the middle, longer for some, and an ending. My ending might have come yesterday but it did not. The circumstances are these. I was on my early morning drive to my work assignment as usual.

For the last couple of weeks when I have gotten in my truck several mosquitoes get in with me. And one by one I get them before they get me, not a wise thing to do while driving, as I hope I have learned. Swatting at one, for but a moment distracted, I felt a crash, and saw only a sea of wet tall grass and steering I knew not where, hoping to avoid another crash or flipping the vehicle over, I brought it to a stop. Then I put it in four wheel drive, ascended back up the incline to the side of the road to assess the damage. The driver side mirror was missing and half of the wooden post county directional road sign that I had hit was lodged between the rear driver side wheel and the wheel well. A county sheriff’s deputy was soon behind me and wrote up the report and called a wrecker for me. I called in to let them know that I would not be able to get to work.

The deputy and I then together surveyed the scene of my accident, the pathway clearly marked by a swath in the tall wet grass. Most remarkable to me even more than the snapped sign and littered pieces of my truck was the barely missed support cable to a power pole near the bottom of my decent. It was indeed a near miss and could have been a far greater life changing, even life ending event. I am grateful for every additional day that I get to offer an encouraging word or a mockingbird song this go round.

Days In The Sun

I know that there is an ending to this life’s adventure for all of us. I have remarked to most all my friends, family, loved ones (the same to me) that the last scene I have chosen for my play is quick and relatively pain free, you know like getting hit by Mack truck or preferably dying in my sleep. No long lingering wasting away with tearful good byes, no curtain calls, just at fast exiting of the stage and as game show host Monty Hall used to say, “Bigger deals ahead.”

We each of us, I think, chose and continue to choose to be here for probably several reasons one of the best besides to have a good time, is, to me, as I said already, to be an encouragement to others. And I know even trying to act our best we are bound to disappoint and upset a few and have some wanting to, if not actually, singing, “I’ll be glad when you’re gone you rascal you” or “Ding, Dong, the witch is dead” after we finally depart. Hopefully, if any just a few and not you.

As daddy Dennis Quaid says to his son, in one of my favorite movies, Frequency: “I’m still here, Chief.” Physically, I am unhurt and mostly just grateful, or fine and dandy, as I wrote in my blog yesterday before flirting with disaster. Unless the Universe chooses, and or I, to re-write my ending scene I probably won’t have the opportunity to say “Good-bye” when it comes. If I did five words to me would say it best, “ Love You, See You Later.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

For the time being still here, Chief,

David White

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