Closer To Fine

Blog 1011 – 06.01.2018

Closer To Fine

“We go to the doctor

We go to the mountains

We look to the children

We drink from the fountain

Yeah, we go to the Bible

We go through the work out

We read up on revival

We stand up for the look out.

There’s more than one answer to these questions

Pointing me in a crooked line

And the less I seek my source for some definitive

The closer I am to fine

Closer I am to fine

Closer I am to fine. Yeah.”

People asking, “How are you?” most of the time means really just, “Hello.” Still I like to respond with a big smile and, “Fine and dandy.” Fine is my default setting and my reality no matter appearances or glitches. I add “dandy” just to emphasize the fact that my world is fantastic and fun and that I will accept no substitutes.

Like some of you I too did not always think so. But it was a complete misunderstanding, on my part, of the nature of God and myself. We are intimately connected. Some think that statement bordering on blasphemy but I think denying our divinity and our parentage even more so.

Imagine, if you can, meeting up with the Big Girl/Guy on a sidewalk some morning and uttering without thinking the common greeting, “Good morning, how are you?” How else would you expect the Universe to respond? Why, with “Fine and dandy. How about you?” Of course.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Closer To Fine, Yeah.

David White

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