Cowboy Dave Rides Again

Blog 1008 – 05.29.2018

Cowboy Dave Rides Again

A life-long friend of mine recently underwent hip replacement surgery. And just last week another long-time friend of mine passed away. Those two events got me thinking that if I really do want a shot at one hundred and fifteen or better that I need to take better care of this body. So in the spirit of that I took my bike out from under cover, dusted it off, and put it in the bed of my pick-up truck to have it handy to ride a little on every day. I have done that for the last several days, gradually increasing my time, distance, and stamina. This is not my first rodeo or row-day-oh as my friend Ric says.

At aged fifty-five I biked 98 miles non-stop in what was called the Shiner Bash as it was a bike marathon from Katy to Shiner, Texas. It was a ride and one that impressed the “spit” out of my then fifteen year old son. Not an easy or often feat accomplished by older dads before their young sons. I have not felt the need to repeat that long a ride but have and still do enjoy the same feel of flying while riding a bike as I did when I first learned to ride one on my cousin Brenda’s bike that had no training wheels as mine still did.

Biking they say is great for the knees and joints in general as it spreads lubricating fluid over those ball and socket joints and stretches ligaments and muscles to help keep every thing mobile. It disturbs me a little to see people walk from far out in the parking lot to sit down in motorized carts and ride through Walmart or other big box stores to shop. If they really need to, fine, but I worry for them that they might all the sooner lose their mobility. I tell you as I tell the Universe almost daily, much as I would like to hang around and have a record breaking run this go round, my caveats are as long as I get to keep my mind and mobility. You might be thinking, “You may not get to choose.” To which I respond, “If I don’t who does?” I mean we act like we have no say in how our life goes, how it starts, how it ends. I no longer think that is true. Even the Bible which gets it wrong at least as often as right in my book (It is contrary to what many believe a book or sixty-six written by mere men if often inspired men.) Where was I? Oh, yeah. Even the Bible makes it pretty clear in several places that the Creator gave us creatures dominion, put us in charge of our own lives to a great degree. And then said in many places, “If you want help, direction, or assistance, refer to your on-board computer.” Well, it would have if it had been rewritten more contemporaneously. Like that big word? Sounds cool, just means, “Around this time.” And, yeah, I know you knew, I just wrote that for the young kids that might come across this surfing the web. Hey, it could happen.

I hope you can tell that I really have fun with this. And riding my bike. We can indeed do it all and for a long time. But we will feel better doing it if we stretch not just our minds but our bodies too. I still happen to believe in spite of the long list of things I once believed that I have checked off the list as no longer applicable that we are first and foremost beings of spirit and light. Yet since we have this treasure in earthen vessels as the poet has said it behooves us to consider our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies and to wash and wax them regularly and take them for a regular spin to keep them running tip top. An apple a day may not keep the mortician or doctor away so much as a nice bike ride.

Hi ho, Silver, and away. Cowboy Dave Rides Again.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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