No Risk, No Reward

Blog 1009 – 05.30.2018

No Risk No Reward

I love playing the Hasbro (Once Parker Bros.) table game, Risk, but much as I enjoy the wartime strategy, political maneuvering, and temporary pacts to achieve the desired end of world domination – when I make my real conquest of this world I prefer it be with love not war. A special shout out to two guys and a girl who let me win at Risk. Thanks, and this song is true, we, indeed, are better off for all that we let in.

All That We Let In

I am a strong believer in how important it is for us to have and to hold the highest and best intentions. The attached poem is from Tony Burroughs’ recent Highest Intenders Light House Newsletter:

Attraction in Action

When we intend for it to rain,

instead of talking about how dry it is,

we envision it raining.

When we intend to be happy and healthy,

instead of telling everyone our problems,

we envision ourself happy and well.

When we intend to be abundant,

instead of telling everyone about our hard times,

we envision having enough to spare and share.

When we intend for fair and honest leadership,

instead of obsessing on poor politics,

we see our elders standing for the Highest Good.

When we see things in a favorable light,

we are no longer reinforcing our own problems;

we are no longer complicit in our own suffering.

And when we see things in their brightest light,

we put the Law of Attraction to its highest and best use;

we marry the Law and the Highest Good together.

What you are looking to create

is a positive, happy life for yourself,

and the more you intend

that your thoughts are positive and happy,

the more that is what you will create.

In addition to having and holding on to the highest and best intentions with however small baby steps we can make we must move in the direction of those intentions to show The Universe that we are serious about what we want in our life and in our world.

The song, All That We Let In, has for several years now been a great comfort and encouragement to me. Our best and most profitable experiences (And I use the word profit in its highest sense, not just the monetary, an over emphasis of which often cheats us out of the really profitable investments) are those we make in people we might overlook if we do not make as special effort to look beyond first impressions sometimes. At other times we know right away this is someone I want in my life and that we want to be a part of theirs. We are indeed better off for all that we let in and as well for all that we give out of the goodness of our heart.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Breathing in the love and breathing it out, risky business but none more profitable,

David White

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