Note To Fans

Blog 1007 – 05.28.2018

Note To Fans

From time to time I will put a link to one of my Daily Mockingbird Songs that I think illustrates a particular point that I am trying to make. And, yes, I know the joke: “You have a point, but if you wore a hat or parted your hair differently it would not show.” If my singing just does not appeal to you (No accounting for taste) just do not click the link. Nobody ever said you had to just because it is there.

If however you would like to hear more, to date I have recorded over two hundred Mockingbird Songs that are in the virtual I-cloud jukebox and are ready to play by punching in the correct code number – just like old school. Or you can have one sent to your email daily just by emailing me from the email where you wish to receive it:

And typing “Mockingbird”

If later or sooner you no longer wish to receive my tunes just email me again at the above email and type “No Mockingbird” You do not have To Kill A Mockingbird they are quite easily shooed away and prefer to sing their songs where people want to hear them.

If you would rather pick the songs you would like to hear, I have a complete and kept current list that I can email to you as well upon request with the song titles and links to them in alphabetical order. Such a tech savvy Mockingbird, really, but I just wanna be heard.

If you are reading this you already have access to all of the blogs that I have written to date, just by scrolling down and clicking to open anything that might strike your fancy. Be warned Crazy Dave has often a slightly skewed view of things and you may not always agree but then who among us always does even with our own take on things. Minds are meant to be changed from time to time. Read, recommend, copy as you like. As most writer I am far less worried about having my words borrowed than not having them read at all. There is no “profit motive” in any of this unless it be the hope that someone else might be entertained, informed, and encouraged by something I write or sing and profit thereby. Noble goal? Not really, I write and sing what I want and just for me because I love doing it. If anyone else benefits that is just an added bonus. Thank you for reading and listening.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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