Don’t Take Offense, Take A Bow

Blog 1006 – 05.27.2018

Don’t Take Offense, Take A Bow

(Today’s title was my thought at a friend telling a story of co-workers clapping when she said, “I’m leaving work early.”)

Over the years I have developed several ways to defuse insults. First, let me say that I am human and that even for me insults are sometimes hard to take, hence this blog about not taking offense at insults but rather taking a bow instead. One way I do that is with self deprecating humor. I will after an unflattering comment or insult just bow and say, “I resemble that remark.” or “I represent that remark.” Plays on words to be sure but it is good when you can to agree with people. And when they argue that they were only teasing with those remarks then you can agree with them even easier as they praise you or extol your nobler qualities.

But the very best way to not allow other’s comments, derogatory or praising, to distract you from the realistic and complete enjoyment of life is a little trick I learned from Jesus – which is to be a watcher an observer like Michael Buble sings in his wonderful song “Home” I.e. “Like I’m living someone else’s life, like I just stepped outside.” My mockingbird version follows:

Or as the main character in the movie Taxi says, “Are you talking to me?” Listening too close or too seriously to other voices, you can easily get your feelings hurt or lose your own way. I think there is but one true Voice, a still small one and it sounds a lot like our own. Oh you did not know that The Universe was a ventriloquist? We may all feel like dummies at times but that just isn’t so, I prefer to think of it as The Universe, God, She/He living Her abundant life in us and through us.

Let your family, friends, and even careless strangers off the hook. Most people don’t know what to say anyway. They’re just talking because their own quiet thoughts scare them a little. If you have to listen, listen past their words to the Universe’s constant accompanying refrain – “ I love you “to me’s is – to pieces” or was that Pixie and Dixies’s pet cat, Jinks? Anyway, Don’t Take An Insult, Take A Bow. Life is not all claws, just disguised applause.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Still a poet, and I know it,

David White

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