Do You Sometimes Feel Like Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.

Blog 985 – 05.05.2018

Do You Sometimes Feel Like Bad, Bad Leroy Brown?

Is that question too dated? Does anyone under thirty still listen to Jim Croce songs or even know that “Leroy Brown learned a lesson ‘bout a messin’ with the wife of a jealous man…and when they pulled Leroy from the floor that he looked like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.”

Do you sometime feel like a couple of pieces must be missing? For many years, most of my life, I bought into the “Something’s missing myth.” I might have mentioned it a time or two – put those fingers down all of you. Perhaps I should write a little aside and explain that remark. In my “Family” If one of our more famous talkers starts to repeat a tale it is considered a kind of reminder to raise a finger for each time you have already heard that particular story. I think originally it was intending to minimize repetition of tales but failing that it has become a family joke and flashing all ten fingers several times just eggs us repetitive story tellers on.

I started to say as I have said before that I do something to remind myself that I do not believe that we ever were nor are we now incomplete, needing someone else to complete us and make us whole. We were made complete with the God Spark in the center of us to complete and empower us to every good work and to fulfill our purpose here. To remind myself daily of, to me, that irrefutable fact I carry a heart shaped medal in my pocket and read it several times aloud each day when I see it shining in my pocket change. On one side of it reads, “Thank you for this day, Spirit” and on the other, “I am Holy, I am Whole.” Holy is the name for the three parts of the Christian God-head – Holy Father, Holy Son, and Holy Spirit – Holy, Holy, Holy. We have three parts too, Mind, Body, and Spirit all derived from that same Divine Source and therefore Holy, Holy, Holy and Whole too.

Many of my religious friends do not care for my theology nor my interpretations of Bible verses that they know and love but I can only write from my heart and from what I think. You can think and believe whatever you will. And for heaven sake quit waving all those fingers at me. It’s okay. I love you too. But that is another blog.

If like Leroy you look or feel like a couple of pieces might be missing be thankful to the Spirit that assures me and you everyday that you and I are indeed Holy and Whole, you too Leroy, no matter the appearances.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Charter member with each and all in the Three H Club, (Where does he get this stuff?)

David White

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