Never Enough

Blog 986 – 05.06.2018

Never Enough

Some years ago I heard someone define an adult mind as one that could hold at the same time opposing thoughts and not go completely insane or something to that affect. A few days ago I wrote that I jokingly told a work mate that one of the secrets to happiness was having low expectations. If that is true and I think it sometimes is, it is also true that it is equally and at the same time true that another of the secrets to a happy and as well creative life is having great expectations. Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” not withstanding, wanting more, seeking more, never settling for less, these are elements of the creator, inventor, explorer in each of us that sees walls, mountains, fences, rivers, and yes even laws (So called Natural or Man-made) as challenges not hard fast boundaries. I love Captain Kirk’s words at the beginning of the Star Trek TV episodes and at the end of all the subsequent movies about boldly going where no one has gone before.

If it is wrong to never be satisfied, it is also equally if not more correct. In the recent movie The Greatest Showman they have the world famous singer from the nineteenth century, Jenny Lind, sing the haunting and beautiful song, “Never Enough” to show that both she and P.T. Barnum were both somewhat broken individuals with holes inside them that could never be completely filled. You could, I suppose, say that of all creative types, writers, singers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, all who perform for the adoration of the audience, the crowds clapping, standing in ovation shouting, “Bravo, Well Done.” In the New Testament, heaven is depicted as a place where robes and crowns with stars are handed out but in my mind the biggest and best heavenly award is already and has always been ours, a “Well done” from the One who knows us inside out and upside down. The One who knows that even our seemingly broken parts and mistakes are all a part of His/Her “glorious” plan. The song I plan to do a Mockingbird version of next from The Greatest Showman says “we are glorious” this one says with a wide Universe to fill that even a glorious crown is never enough for us for we are and deserve so much more.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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