“Go And Sin No More” (or pick a better man)

Blog 979 – 04.29.2018

“Go And Sin No More” (or pick a better man)

One of the most often recounted tales from Jesus life is of the time that he came upon a crowd of self-righteous men who had caught a women “in the act” of committing adultery that they were about to stone to death which was strictly the thing to do according to the law of Moses. But when asked his opinion on the matter by the “not-fair-you-sees” Pharisees, trying to catch him, he simply said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Much has been made of how smart that remark was because all the guys dropped their rocks and slinked away leaving only the woman and Jesus. She said to him in so many words, “You’re the boss now (She called him master) what do I do now?” The church that voted on which books got included in the Bible picked the ones that have him say to her, “Go your way and don’t sin anymore.” Clearly as we see elsewhere that is not what Jesus would have said to her because it says God never asks us to do more than we can do. So what might Jesus have really said to her. I think it was probably more like “pick a better man next time.”

What about the man? They caught her in the act with a married guy I presume or she was married or both. But tell me how come they let the guy go? I will tell you why. He and they were weak little men all unworthy of a real woman. Same sort of guys today who blame women for tempting them or like weak little Adam in the “garden story” when asked “What have you done?” sound a lot like Flip Wilson’s Geraldine character when they answer something like, “That devil woman made me do it.” Same sort of guys who have a strict dress code for women, say they are tempted, always try to get out of paying, and even when they do, pay as little as possible, and leave a miserly tip. And really that temptation stuff is horse spit anyway for guys are meant to be attracted and turned on by a little skin showing even when it is only an ankle or a pretty face, those alone get guys going. Don’t blame the girls admit the problem is and has always been men. A man told the first lie, killed the first person, committed the first rape, started the first war, and has been doing most of the lying, killing, stealing, raping, and warring ever since.

Go and sin no more indeed, or pick a better man, you decide. And if the better man is a woman they will lie, kill, and cheat and try to make sure she is not elected. I am tired of hearing what a poor candidate, and what a hard, polarizing woman Hillary Clinton is. That is what men in power always say about strong women. The really smart women have always had to act like helpless damsels in distress to placate men’s weak and sensitive egos, but no more. Look what trying to make devils of good and strong women has gotten us. Not just a weak, bad man, but the worst candidate from a field of many and undeniably one if not the worst President ever. I’m sorry Mr. President but my mama taught me to call stinky, stinky. And she, even with barely a tenth grade formal education and a very serious inferiority complex (not nearly as serious as yours) would have made a better President had she lived and consented to run. She would not have run though for she like Oprah was a smarter woman and had higher ambitions than being a tweet and a tool – puns fully intended.

I had hoped against hope that your unorthodox behavior might help break the gridlock in Washington. Clearly it has not, so now I am hoping that every weak, weaselly, and clueless man will be replaced in the next two national elections by a far more qualified woman who could better hold and perform in that office. Enjoy your time in D.C. and don’t bother filling all those positions, as you clearly haven’t been bothering to do, your successor, when she arrives will know just the right woman for each of those jobs too. You will be missed by few. Thanks for the great lesson you taught us about the need to “pick a better man – a woman.” How I hope we have learned that lesson.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

One thought on ““Go And Sin No More” (or pick a better man)

  1. I just now read this and SO well worded! You nailed this topic! If GQ Public can’t do better next time ~ shame on them! I agree with you 100%! Bring on the women ~


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