Just Because You Believe It Does Not Make It Is True For Anyone Else But You

Blog 978 – 04.28.2018

Just Because You Believe It Does Not Make It True For Anyone Else But You

Again with the long titles, Dave? You are gonna scare would-be readers off. But that is a great pic and quote whatever one believes. If I remember the story correctly, Moses got so ticked off at his unfaithful family that he broke the original “down loaded from the cloud copy” and had to hand chisel another copy. Convenient if not convincing. The story goes on that even his hand written copy was kept in and lost even before the ark of the covenant was (see Raiders of the Lost Ark movie for one exiting story of what might have happened to it.) But then our most precious beliefs are quite impossible to prove or they would be facts not beliefs.

One of the troubles with an “open mind” is that many unorthodox, non-status quo, and unconventional things might slip in. For me on the plus side is that a lot of crap can also leak out. I remember a line from the Simon and Garfunkel song “Kodachrome” that says, “When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school it’s a wonder I can think at all.” I am sure the same can be said by some of Temple, Mosque, Parochial, and Sunday School. Why, even our parents, grandparents, friends and somewhat sacred “old wives remedies and tales” often fill us with a lot of crap – the sorting through of which is our own responsibility.

What idea are you really pushing today, Dave? An old one, tried and true: Think for yourself and always be willing to let go of any belief that is no longer serving you. But how will I know when a particular belief is no longer serving me, you ask. Here’s a clue when it becomes exhausting to keep defending it not just to others but yourself. We should start to suspect any belief that we are always having to defend, even this one. Any belief worthy of our time or attention should be able to sit on its own bottom without a lot of effort from us to prop it up.

That Moses guy supposedly wrote The Law, the first five books of both the Jewish and the Christian Bible. Other religious groups revere these writings too. But they were not down loaded from the cloud any of them. Much of it was recorded oral traditions passed down for generations and not even proof-read all that carefully. In writing these now almost one thousand blogs I have gotten a bit better catching even spelling mistakes. If you knew how much reading and rewriting I actually do you’d marvel how often I still do not catch so many big and little spelling mistakes, let alone sentence structure and bone head theory mistakes. And I am just a guy, no prophet or computer savvy guy downloading from the great Universal Cloud for you. Take whatever speaks to you and chuck the rest, it is what all wise readers, even religious folks do. And Moses, Jesus, Buddha, and Mohamed and I will all be proud of you, but more importantly you yourself will be. You are the Thinker, so think for yourself.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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