Do Not Let Others Define You

Blog 980 – 04.30.2018

Do Not Let Others Define You

We are here, I think, if for more than just to have fun (And I really believe that is “Job One”) to figure out who and whose we are. Not to be saved from everlasting damnation or to sacrifice ourselves on a cross for others. Life, as I heard someone say, is meant to be good and it is best when we do not allow anyone else to define us but figure out, as early as we can, just who and whose we really are.

I have little patient anymore with “busy bodies”, “kill joys”, “guilt religions”, and people who constantly need to reinforce their own insecurities by lining others up with their own inadequate beliefs. I love you, I really do but I do not have to believe as you do or to be who you think I need to be to be whole, happy, and okay. The same is true for you, my friend. You do not have to buy my point of view. If we agree to walk the same road awhile that is fine and dandy but if either us wants to linger, run ahead, or take a different path, why is that a problem? Why do you think me “lost” because I am not in step or on the same path you have picked? Nor should I think anyone else is if they choose a different pace or route. Isn’t it a bit presumptuous of us to think everybody else needs saving because they do not think, walk, or act as we think they should?

I like this little picture of the gold fish who wants to act like a shark. Sad thing to me it is when someone lets someone else squeeze them into a role they do not fit or want to play. And it can be fun to try on different hats, how else are we ever going to figure out what we really want? But don’t tell me that I or anyone else has got to wear a certain hat to make them, America, or the world great, I assure you, we do not. That sounded way too sure and cocky. I have to wear a hard hat on the job every day – just because it is a safety rule. The only thing it ever protects me from is too much sun on the hair thinning top of my head or from dive bombing birds dropping their payloads on construction crews and unsuspecting pedestrians. But I wear it all the same.

What I am saying is hat or no hat, don’t let anyone tell you who you are. That is for you to figure out and the sooner you do the happier in your skin you are going to be. Have fun.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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