The Way We Were

Blog 975 – 04.25.2018

The Way We Were

Those of us who have lived more than a few years probably have more than one bitter sweet and sad love relationship to look back upon. And there is no real harm I suppose in taking those fond and faded memories out from time to time and remembering The Way We Were. It can be a problem for us however unless we allow even those somewhat troubling memories to inform our present and make us better, more conscious, less selfish (in the ‘me first, forget everybody else’ kind of way) lovers.

I was thinking of using the expression “none of us arrives fully-formed” but I have a tendency to examine such truism more than I did once. Perhaps it is equally true that we did arrive fully formed just not fully revealed. That is more in keeping with my new philosophy that we are each of us “Magnificent beings awakening to our fullest potential.”

It might be a good point here to restate a thought that I try to express consistently and often that I no longer think of my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs as “pure truth.” The religion that I grew up in held that there are many absolutes, many other religions, political systems, and other groups do as well. I no longer think in terms of absolutes just just shared ideas. Ideas are easier to modify and drop completely if a better or more appealing one strikes your fancy. It is said that our taste buds change every seven years or so, such that what once tasted great may not any longer and the reverse as well. We might find life more interesting, fun, and more practical if we changed our beliefs at least that often. Granted I might be a bit unusual in this regard. As a young man I had very strong beliefs and opinions about just about everything. That is less the case anymore, fact is I am a bit wary of “true believers” whatever their particular “truth” for I was once such a zealot.

I enjoy change and trying to see what I once thought I saw so clearly from another angle. Having, as I said, come from a very strict “rules based” environment where everything was black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, I cannot tell you how truly liberating it is for me to think, “it is all good” and to know I can love people of all beliefs and opinions for who they are, the same as I am, a child of the Universe, and as such having complete access to any pure truth there might be but aware that the knowing of it or practicing of it in no way adds to or takes away from my identity or status.

I do not have to be right or left, or even in the middle for Love is everywhere, and the entire Universe abides in me. Talk about your magnificent beings awakening to all their full potential. Wow, that is what each and everyone of us is and ever shall be. At least I think so. Ask me tomorrow, I might change my mind. I live for today and what a good and beautiful day it is. I just cannot recall a finer one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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