Public Figures

Blog 974 – 04.24.2018

Public Figures

There are public figures and there are pretenders. Real people have little fear of being exposed in public or in private. We live in a world of deep dark secrets but everything always comes to light.

A friend said and I have heard many people say, “ I believe that I have a right to privacy.” To her and to all I say, good luck with that. I think that is one of the reasons we have family in the first place to dissuade us of that silly notion. Privacy is an illusion, not a right nor a privilege. Ask any father, mother, sister, or brother.

Oh, sure most of us would not care to have even that baby in the bath picture broadcast around the world. You know, the one that mom thought so cut and loved to show every girl you brought home to meet her and how you vehemently protested the water was cold and how much you had grown since then. Yes, there is some business we might like to keep under wraps and quiet about. But the fact is this that the facts even the personal “secret” ones about you, about everyone, are known and will come out just like Murphy’s law states “ … at the most inopportune time, in the most embarrassing, costly, and damaging way.”

I heard an old preacher once say, “You can’t shame me for I have already faced my shame.” He was talking religion, confession, forgiveness but even that aside living open and authentic is the best way to never be afraid of exposure or blackmail. Being real means not denying who we really are and not pretending our stuff doesn’t also sometimes stink.

Jesus and His Daddy both have a problem with hypocrites, pretenders, actors and I am not talking about stage, movie, and TV performers. I happen to think the Big Three would love all my shows and be especially impressed by all the zany, endearing funny ones as well as the tragic, megalomaniac and the maniacal ones too. Is not Dad purported to have said, something like, “I wish you were hot or cold instead of luke warm. I spit that crap out of my mouth.” He probably did not actually say “crap” though never one to pull a punch I am told. I can almost hear the Universe, my favorite name for God, saying, “Be real, for God’s sake, for your own sake, and everybody else’s too. And quit trying so hard to pretend you are perfect. I don ‘t think you guys really know what that means anyway. If I am, then you already are, so relax and have a little fun this isn’t so much a class as recess, so play.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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