“Watershed” Choices

Blog 971 – 04.21.2018

“Watershed” Choices

Today’s title comes from an Indigo Girls song, “Watershed.” The chorus says,

“Up on the watershed, starring at the fork in the road,

You can stand there and agonize till agony’s your heaviest load.

You’ll never fly as the crow flies, get used to a country mile

When you’re learning to face the path at your pace

Every choice is worth your while.”

In have this theory that I keep turning over and over in my head. Just suppose for a moment that you and I were the most high god, author of all there is, the entire Universe. What might you/we do to entertain ourself- why everything of course. And what better way to do that than by acting out every possible scenario, and not just traveling the road most travelled or following “the conventional wisdom,” whatever that means, but by taking every turn and exploring all the possibilities.

In one of my favorite movie sound tracks, Camelot, in the song How To Handle A Woman, King Arthur is perplexed by his new wife Jenny’s behavior, and so to Merlin he sings,

Blast you, Merlin! This is all YOUR fault!

You swore that you had taught me everything from A to Z

With nary an omission in between

Well, I shall tell you what

You obviously forgot

That’s how a ruler rules a….queen!

And what of teaching me by turning me to animal and bird?

From beaver to the smallest bobolink

I should have had the whirl

To change into a girl

To learn the way the creatures think!

I was teasing a friend that if we really do get, as I have come more and more to suspect, to live many lives that I would like my next time to be a higher creature than a boy – a girl. She teased me back, “You always did want to be a girl.” I have been quite happy this go round being a boy, but am not so insecure in my own sexuality that I cannot entertain the thought of how equally marvelous it must be to be a girl. You see, and I was saving this idea for another blog but the thought came to me – “It Takes One To Know One.” That was a childhood response to being called something we did not think we wanted to be or to be called. From a slightly skewed view, the kind I often employ and enjoy, looking at things from different angles has a deeper more revealing appeal and meaning i.e. that we can only know what we already know and be what we already are. That is some heavy stuff, Dave. Hear me out.

If supposing we are the most high god or at least one incarnation of Him/Her, as all the holy books and religious traditions seem to indicate, does it not stand to reason that all there is or ever could be, all the potential and possibilities are inside us already just waiting an opportunity to manifest. And manifesting is what we do best every time we make a choice. Which way to go? If we let the “which” paralyze us into inaction which has been the case, the waste, too often for fear we might go the “wrong” way. If you know Who and Whose you are there is really no wrong way, just another wonderful detour on the way home. The rule makers, and fear peddlers have their own agenda what is yours, mine is the one Cindy Lauper sang so well, “Girls just wanna have fu – un!”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Having fun being a man/boy this time,

David White

2 thoughts on ““Watershed” Choices

  1. One of your best! Loved your thoughts ~ all about the detoured, crooked way home! Looking forward to THAT journey, doing my best to embrace the unknown.


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