What Do You Really Know?

Blog 972 – 04.22.2018

What Do You Really Know?

Is it really only what you have heard someone else say, what you were taught?

There is so much more than that inside us. It has been with us always, just waiting to catch our ear and reveal all those wondrous secrets. Writers have posed and postulated for years about the existence and inspiration of a Muse. We need not let the crowd confuse us for there is within each one of us an angel of music, light and dark like the ying yang equally beautiful and whole, to light, make right, to fire, and to inspire our souls.

The crowd, the conventional wisdom, the norm are all lock-step imitations of the real, individual, and unique lives we are intended to live. How much better to end this adventure with many things undertaken, dreams pursued, concerts listened to and written rather that a parcel of regrets for avenues not taken, calls not answered from that voice within.

Will Rogers said and often “all I know is what I read in the papers” but one only had to listen to him, see his act, or read his long time daily column to know that was not so. He lived an inspired life and must have listened closely to his own inner Muse. I think it more than appropriate the way he and Wiley Post, his faithful pilot, went out of this life together in a crash on the last of their many adventures in Alaska.

I had the wonderful privilege of having a two month work assignment to Alaska in 2012. It was during that assignment that my sweet daughter Emily got her marching orders to leave this world for, I believe, a bigger, brighter, better one. Several times while in Alaska I was flown with less than a handful of other guys to a man-camp across from the Kenai peninsula on small planes. Once an engineer of the oil company paying for the project and the flights requested the pilot to veer slightly off course and over a live volcano. The pilot did so and all of us were treated to a visual adventure few get to experience first hand as we saw the smoke and steam rising from the snow atop a live volcano. There were six of them within a relative few miles from one another. As a long time Texan the myth of everything being bigger in Texas was dispelled for me that day. I am so glad that I followed my inner compass to that particular moment and place in time to see something so special.

Because I knew that I would be little comfort to my girl at her going away I sent instead her mothers and brother to be with her. On the day Emily flew “Home” I drove from Kenai to Homer in honor and in celebration of the thirty-two years we shared this adventure as daughter and dad. I am grateful for that voice that inspired our Emily to write, sing, and dance. It does all the rest of us too. What we really know is from listening to our own heart and mind wherein the Universe resides.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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