Forever Together…

Blog 969 – 04.19.2018

Forever Together…

Some sweet expressions of love just touch our hearts more than others. This tender quote between the beloved Pooh and Piglet is one of those. Whether it is a well thought-out Shakespearean sonnet or just a short, “I love you, Buddy.” We are all touched by those connections that we know however fleeting they may sometimes seem still remind us that some feelings are forever. And those are feelings shared with not just one but with all the persons we love, have loved, and shall love through this or even countless other life time adventures.

When my beloved and dearly departed daughter Emily was three she loved the new, at the time, Annie Movie and treated the whole family and any visitors to our home to often replays of the soundtrack album and I still love and enjoy hearing all those songs again and again in my head. One line from one of them comes to me as I write this, Annie singing, “Together again, together forever…” I even love to use of the dot, dot, dot because that also means the words before and love goes on and on.

Many of you know that I tried to believe for almost twenty years, that there was no god, no hope for anything else, only this, but love just would not let me. If you are of such a mind, I am with you that now is our only moment, that now is all there is, but now can be and is for many of us as an eternal thing as love is. I marvel at those who can love ‘em, leave ‘em, and get over ‘em. I never could. So with Piglet And Pooh, I say to you, “I love you, and expect to forever, no sense spoiling a good record.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

One thought on “Forever Together…

  1. On this day, the birthday of my second husband, I repeat your words to him… I just found out yesterday, he passed away last summer. He was an AMAZING musician, and also a creator of wotd journeys. I hope he’s looking down, knowing he is remembered fondly ~


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