Living The Dream

Blog 968 – 04.18.2018

Living The Dream

A proud and hard working daddy when asked about his handsome intelligent five year old answered his customer, “My boy is Living the Dream.” I imagine every parent wishes that for their child. But wishing is not enough, nor working hard, nor planning, nor preaching. Kids and we all learn best by following our adult examples. Want you kids to sing, then sing, to thrive, then thrive, to live the Dream, share your Dream, and to be glad to be alive – live glad and show them how it’s done.

When I was a boy my dad would say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” I remember thinking as probably all kids do, “Dad, what you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” Some say we may be raising the first generation in the States that will have less than their parents. Parents should want their children to have more, reach farther, do better than they did. Parents should not fear seeing the things of themselves in their children but realize these are what we give them as a foundation to build upon, to do, and to be better than that the best we achieved in our short lifetime.

My parents had very little of what this world calls success, only after my brother and I were grown were they able to buy a home and put a little money aside, my half of that was not my inheritance. Good thing, too, for like it was with the Prodigal Son my part was gone in a flash, a little fun and paying off a few bills which, I proceeded to run up again with some help from those ever willing to keep you deep in debt, credit cards.

But my parent’s optimism, or lack of it, the way they lived their dream or thought it a nightmare that is my true legacy. “Living The Dream” I love that expression and five year olds and children of every age realize that our life is a dream of our own making. Give a child but dirt and rain and they’ll make mud pies or mud angels.

That five year old boy is teaching his daddy and all of us a great lesson. I hope we are paying attention. If life for you has become a nightmare, wake up from that nightmare and begin a new and lucid dream, one in which you are in charge and guide the dream the way you want it to go. The song Teach Your Children Well says, “Feed them on you dreams, the one they picks the one you’ll know by…”

My friend, Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts Become things, pick the good ones.” It is the same with dreams. Whose and which dreams are you living?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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