A Yen For Zen

Blog 967 – 04.17.2018

A Yen For Zen

Take away the profit motive and our true gifts shine through. Only what you would continue to do even if no one paid you is your true passion. The Western fascination with acquiring profit, and immediate gratification of pleasure not withstanding Zen has more than just these ten things to commend itself. Did you notice in stark contrast to what most of us have been taught about working hard, piling it high as we can, and holding on to it, that the first nine start with, “ Let go of…”?

Years ago I heard for the first time as a young Christian man, “Let Go And Let God.” But I knew then nor even now few Christians or anyone else really that seem to do that consistently. Everything seems to always be about finding a way to turn a profit, acquire more, and to hold on to it for dear life. Jesus told a story that my Bible College New Testament Survey professor, Nelson Trick, who made the class such fun, called the Story Of The Barn Loser. If you do not know the story the short version is something like this:

A rich farmer wanting to be even richer decides to tear down his barn and build an even bigger one to hold all his crops and cattle. In the course of doing so he hears God say to him, “You fool, never grateful, or ever satisfied. Tonight you will die and then to whom will all this belong?”

It is, I suppose, meant to be a rhetorical question but the answer is probably privileged, greedy, ungrateful kids just like their dad. To me, and you conservatives feel free as I am sure do to disagree, repealing the inheritance tax is rich folks way of reverse Robin Hooding, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. I feel the same is true of private charter schools, privatizing prisons, public utilities, war and disaster profiteering. I also think calling something a non-profit then paying big salaries to those who run it, taken from donations intended to help the less fortunate is nothing short of criminal too. I need to get off, let go my soap box, and try to love harder the greedy bastards with such big holes in their hearts that all the money in the world could never fill them.

Do one thing good for somebody else every day, something that profits you not a penny. What a brighter better world it would be at least for that one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Doing my Zen thing, letting go the profit motive.

David White

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