Louise, Along With Buddha, Jesus, And Others Said A Lot Of Good Things

Blog 966 – 04.16.2018

Louise, Along With Buddha, Jesus, And Other’s Said A Lot Of Good Things

Sometimes I find myself trying too hard to convince others, but, I suppose, really myself, that some new or old belief that I have latched onto is the only true and correct view. This is seldom if ever really the case. I am reminded of a song from my Christians days that has words that still speak to me. The young lady in the song, Bird In A Golden Sky, sings:

“I have not come here to convince you for that is something only God (your Higher Self) can do.”

And, yes I know many of my religious friends can not conceive of any higher power but (insert the many names that so many have for their personal higher power.) For many it is Jesus and was for me most of my life. If it still is for you I have no problem with that anymore than I do with Lord, Boss, Allah, God or the host of other names. But, as little Evie sang, “Till you find Him (Her) in the mirror, you’ve got a long way to go.” There I go again – pushing, trying to convince when that is not my job or even my desire.

What I want most is what all that is good in us wants and that is to let love have its perfect way with me, everyone, and everything. If there was a law that could make everything right, I’d be a lawyer, a book, I’d be a Bible salesman, a class, I’d be a teacher, etc. But no matter what beliefs come and go I think I have always believed and always will that love when given a chance, and even when not, will eventually make everything right. One of my favorite Beach Boy songs that I quote often and put a link to my Mockingbird version of here says, “Don’t worry, Baby, everything will turn out alright.” That is what my Higher Power says to me most often.


I’d like to modify that a little, “Everything is alright, always has been, always will be.” After all who is really in charge here? No bad dream, no matter how real it may seem, can change or shake the one irrefutable belief that most if not all “true believer” have in their higher power, even if the name they use is Chaos or Karma – that “His/Her/My Will Is Always Done.” So relax, quite trying to debate, convince (And, Dave, listen up too, because this is one is for you.) – “It is all good, begins, continues, never ends – it is all good and good for you.”

Your friend and traveler,

Friend of Buddha, Jesus, and Louise too,

David White

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