If Monkeys Could Read Would They Read Me?

Blog 965 – 04.15.2018

If Monkeys Could Read, Would They Read Me?

Every writer wants more than fame or riches to be read. And I am a writer, always, pondering the question of how to improve, my style, my delivery, so that my words will be read and be I hope an encouragement to many. I am not at all saying that readers should be monkeys for I am even more than a writer a reader. And if you have read me much you know I do love to monkey around.

But if I were truly a monkey what would I most like to read? Probably an exposed on the corruption in the banana business unless I was perhaps one of those monkeys allergic to bananas. How sad that must be and so obvious when having dinner out with a “bunch” (I am on a roll here) of friends eating banana pudding. Or would monkeys prefer a romantic comedy with lots of monkey business and jungle love? I think not, for I think monkeys, like many of us would prefer novels full of fiction that stretches our minds to consider other and all the possibilities.

Like a certain pretty young Miss, who had I made different choices might have actual been a granddaughter that I actually got to spent a lot of time with, I love monkeys. And am at peace with all my life choices. They all helped reveal to me who I really am and what I most want to do with this life. And as fun as it might be for many of you that is not just enjoying my grandchildren but creating and sending out into the wide world many more children. My stories and my songs are my children too and I create them, shape them, and send them out all lovingly just for you. For myself, oh yes, that is true. I very much enjoy reading and listening to them too. I am, I suppose, a sort of flying, singing, writing, reading, monkey too. This picture really tickled me and inspired this monkey child of mine. Not to offend the creationists too much, but I hope it does you too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

(I may never be a great grandpa,

But l’ll be a monkey’s uncle)

David White

2 thoughts on “If Monkeys Could Read Would They Read Me?

  1. Don’t dismiss “the creationists” that easily… especially the majority of us who are psychologically sound, emotionally secure, and have strong scientific backgrounds. 😏 I loved the cute monkey, understood your point (design your writing to reach, entertain, and appeal to anyone— even the simplest person), and it put a smile on my face… why not? It doesn’t offend the Lord to say the word “monkey”; He made them, after all. 🐒 🐵


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