Actually I Can

Blog 959 – 04.09.2019

Actually I Can

When you catch yourself about to utter one of Ego’s biggest lies, “I Can’t”, substitute the truth, “Actually I Can.” When I first saw the picture quote for today I just knew there was a blog waiting to be written as each one of us is a life waiting to be lived and there is just no place for “can’t” in it.

Someone, in fact many, have said that we should just remove the word from our personal word list. In hardly any other place in our lives does negativity show any more clearly than in the use of this so self-defeating word. As often as it pops into our mind before we give it voice we should take it as a signal to say to ourselves and the Universe, “Actually I can.”

The motto of my Army Security Agency company in Vietnam, the 509th Radio Research Group Headquarters company was, “The Can Do Company.” Can Do is a popular phrase in the Army. Can Do is an attitude that is hard to beat and soldiers, their sergeants, and their officers all want to win. Don’t we all?

Can’t never won a battle, built a building, raised a hope, or made a friend. Can’t never did anything worth doing. All can’t ever did was quit. Even some of it’s better uses like, “I can’t lie” or “I can’t let down those counting on me.” can be better expressed positively as, “I can speak truth.” and “I can live in a way that others can rely on me.”

Remember next time that nasty self-defeating word tries to raise it’s tiresome head to put it in it’s place, in the trash with, “Actually I can.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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