Blog 960 – 04.10.2018


A narcissist I am told is a person obsessed with their own image, one who cannot see or feel for others because they are preoccupied with their own issues, survival, and success. Most if not all abnormal or obsessive behaviors can be found in lesser degrees in all of us. We are, I think, all of us a little OCD, Bi-polar, dyslexic, you name the diagnosis, we all suffer from it to some extent. The narcissist in looking hard and long at him/herself is not off by much from the rest of us their mistake is in not seeing that we are all the same Person really, just slight variations on the same theme.

I heard a few days ago a wonderful story on BBC World about a Sikh organization that collects donated money then actually takes in to the Middle-east to help refugee Muslims torn from their homes due to war. The particular story was told of a little baby boy who desperately needed an expensive surgery to survive. The parents could not afford it but this group stepped in when they heard of the need and arranged and paid for the surgery. Four years later while visiting the refuges in Syria the aid worker followed up on the boy, marveled how big he had grown and how well he was doing. He was told the boy still needed some additional surgeries to make his quality of life better and he assured the family that those too would be taken care of for this little boy was “our baby all of our baby.” The mom called the aid worker brother though they were of different faiths and in most cases did not associated with one another. We are all family, most religions teach that at their core, but we are often too busy judging others and our own behavior to see them and ourselves for who they, we truly are.

I think when we look deep enough into that image in the looking glass we can not only see ourself, but our resemblance to our family, God as it were. The problem is not looking too often or too long but just not deep enough to see beyond the surface, to the familiar, to family.

We are each and all “our baby all of our baby.” Tears fill my eyes at the thought.

My daughter Emily Elaine White left this world shortly after her thirty-second birthday almost six years ago this July. Some feel sorry for me because my baby died, but they are wrong on two counts. First my Emily lives in the hearts of all those who knew and loved her and even many more hearts who have heard her songs or the stories about her told by those of us who loved her and love her still. But secondly they are wrong to think she or any baby was just mine or her mothers’ baby. Emily and all babies are “our baby, all our baby” and deserve to be loved, supported, and taught to follow their dreams as Emily did so wonderfully.

Look deep into that mirror till you see family, till you see God, till you see your babies each and all of our babies. Congratulations you are, I am, we all are, the baby mama/daddy of quite a brood.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David “Baby and Daddy” White

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