No Time For Drama

Blog 958 – 04.08.2018

No Time For Drama

So many of my friends seem to have way too much drama in their lives. They remind me of a past TNT commercial advertising their crime drama re-runs like Law And Order and NCIS, and all their spin offs and incarnations. The narrator said over dramatic scenes, “We’ve Got The Drama.” Well, TNT can have it I just don’t have time for it in my own life and neither do you, my friends.

If you would like a clue as to how to reduce the drama “dramatically” (I could not resist) actually “peacefully” in your life one simple trick will do it – stop thinking of your life as things happening “to you” but like with TNT, just episodes to view. Drama shows can indeed be entertaining but not so much when we think the drama is actually happening “to us.”

I am reminded of a quote that I believe is attributed to Malcom X, regarding the inequitable and raw deal that people of color (any color other than white and even the poorer ones of that color too but to a far lesser degree) have long and continue to receive in this country. Malcom astutely and succinctly said, “We did not land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us.” That, my friends, is more drama than any person or people need to endure.

I have a dear and special friend, several of them really, from my watcher point of view, whose lives to me seem like the old movie serial, “The Perils Of Pauline” where the heroine in the story goes from one cliff hanging tragedy right to another sometimes juggling two or more seemingly insurmountable dramas in her life at once. It makes me tired and worn out just to listen to people lamenting their all but continuous litany of troubles. I refuse any longer to commiserate with my friends or anyone else about their dramas. What they, we all, most need when we hear ourselves spiraling into another dramatic hole is what another TV commercial from my youth called out, “Calgon, Take Me Away.” I never tried the bath salts and as most men am more of a hot shower kind of person ( Footnote: Cold ones never helped when I was hot and bothered either.) But I have found what my dad called, “My resting place” and there no dramas of mine or anyone else’s life can disturb me. It is in my own head and heart. If you have not already, I hope you find your resting “no drama” place too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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