Life Examined

Blog 957 – 04.07.2018

Life Examined

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with mostly sexy rhymes running through my head. I do so love staring at the beautiful sparkling diamond that is human sexuality with all its wondrous facets. To me one of the great downfalls of most, if not all, fundamentalist religions is their unsuccessful attempt to imprison and minimize the great creative impulse in us that is at the heart of the sex drive. To assume sex is only for replicating our physical bodies is to miss the world of creativity that complete and free sexual expression is. That beautiful genie was never meant to be kept in any bottle or lamp no matter how lovely but allowed to be freed to grant more than the the simple wishes of sleeping, waking, working, and baby making but all our others wondrous dreams as well.

Along with a couple of sexy poems not meant for wide distribution but like the distillers of fine spirits, reserve labeled only, I received this other little poem from the Universe, last night. It is very like the poetic little line that I think has been by many misinterpreted to mean that only the sixty-six books written by men, collected by men, voted on by men, and called the Bible by men, are the complete and definitive and only Word Of God, namely:

“Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”

I, we, are all whole and holy men and women of God and are as such capable of receiving and delivering messages from the Divine. Here is the one that I received just last night to share with you. Make of it what you will, but please do not shoot the messenger.

Life is…

Life is waking, sleeping,

Dreaming, and much more

Briefly between the three

There’s a most divine door.

In just such eternal moments

Universal awareness showers.

We know then who we truly are

And feel our creative powers.

Life is gods on fun-filled holiday

Of self-discovery playing roles

Oft unaware divinity sleeps there

Inspiring the dreams of our souls.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Often happy messenger,

David White

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