First Thing, Figure Out What “It” Is

Blog 956 – 04.06.2018

First Thing, Figure Out What “It” Is

For the last two days I have written against war. It is high time I followed my own advice to think and talk about what we do want and not what we don’t want. I like today’s title quote – “I hope you find it someday whatever it is.” What are you looking for? One of my favorite jokes about soldiers antics who wanted desperately to get out of the Army is right to this point.

Shortly after a young man was inducted into the army he started exhibiting some strange behavior, every piece of paper he saw, he picked up, examined carefully, and then threw it down, shouting, “That’s not it!” Finally after weeks of this consistent troubling practice he was deemed a candidate for a Section 8, mentally unfit to serve discharge. When he was called to the commanding officer’s office and given his discharge, he looked at it, smiled, said, “That’s it.”, then saluted and walked out of the office smiling. He had found “it.”

We need only figure out what it is that we want and then we too can easily find it. In fact I believe the only thing keeping “it” from coming to us at this very moment is our uncertainty or double-mindedness about what we really want. How many times have we said, “This is what I truly want” and then began to lament a long list of reasons why we can never have “it.” What this tells ourselves and the Universe is that we really don’t think we deserve “it” so please send “it” to somebody else. The “It” we are looking for is not a person, a place, or a thing and not even winning the lottery as appealing as that may sound, but the seeming elusive bird called “happiness.” It will come to us, I promise, when we believe and accept with our whole hearts that we want it more than money, more than striving, more that war, more than worry, more than want, and that we deserve “it” as much as anyone else does, and everyone does.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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