One Reason We Should Never Judge – We Most Always Get It Wrong

Blog 955 – 04.05.2018

One Reason We Should Never Judge – We Most Always Get It Wrong

There is a myth especially in this country that our justice system is superior to all others and that our judges and juries always get it right. We have some other myths that we believe just as strongly. Here are a couple more for you, I could with out trying very hard produce a discouragingly long list. But two others for you to consider are:

American motives are always pure and not just to make a buck.


Americans are exceptional and therefore deserve the best land even if we had to take it from somebody there first and the best seat at the table even if all the rest of the world must stand so that we can sit.

I am a veteran but not a patriot and I happen to believe that the wise politician who said that “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels” was spot on. Our political leaders have a habit of rattling their sabres and spouting patriotic propaganda when they are looking for mostly young people to go fight their wars that are all about power and profit and seldom if ever really about freedom, liberty, truth, and justice. If justice really were one of the issues someone would have to answer for wasting not only our children’s lives but those of the countless more as we rain down fire and bullets on our supposed enemies – civilians, women, and children the more often harmed.

When I came home from Vietnam in late nineteen seventy they held no parades for us. The called us “baby-killers” and the sad truth is that we were, raining down from the skies over Vietnam, bombs, Napalm, and bullets killing so many “innocents” that their cry had to reach heaven. And we learned nothing except how to do it more effectively in subsequent wars. This is one of the reasons so many service personnel are talking their own lives in unprecedented numbers – they have seen and done horrendous things, that no one should ask or command anyone else to do, things impossible to live with. So they, too many of them, drink themselves into a stupor each night, get and stay high on drugs, or just end it all. Our war against terrorism made terrorists of them and no parade or veterans discount can make up to them that part of their souls they lost on the battlefield destroying the lives of their brothers, their children, their parents, their world. Guys in ‘Nam used to talk longingly about going back to “the world” and leaving that “world of s@%t.” Vietnam was once a lovely country and is again but we in ten years dropped more munitions on that small country than were exploded world wide in all of World War II. And the body count and causality list far exceeded the fifty-five thousand names carved on a wall in Washington, DC.

When we judge anyone “the other” or “the enemy” even ourselves, we are just wrong and most acts from that wrongness, if not all, make our world more a hell and less the heaven that it could and should be.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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