The Most Discouraging Words Ever Spoken

Blog 954 – 04.04.2018

The Most Discouraging Words Ever Spoken

I try to be always, The Encouraging Word Guy, but discouraging words are every where, even in Good Book but that should come as no surprise for hype aside it was written by men. Men often allow themselves to become discouraged. Men and women do things to themselves and others that would discourage anyone and they say and write things, horrible things, even to those they clearly love or should that curdle the blood, horrendous things that one would not say to their worst enemy if they had one. It is my opinion that we really don’t have any enemies other than perhaps ourselves but nevertheless we seem so ready always and quick to go to war.

Which brings me to what I believe is the top runner in the most discouraging words ever written or spoken contest:

“There will always be wars and rumors of wars.”

These words are attributed to Jesus but whether he said them or not they are only true if we choose to continue believing them true. If indeed he said them and how can we be sure for the earliest book in the New Testament is dated about ninety years after his life on earth and I challenge you to line up ten people side by side, whisper something into the nearest ones ear and have each one whisper it to the next and see how messed up it is when it gets to the last one in line. If he really said these words remember that he also cried out, “My God, my God why have you forsaken me” and I know the story is that God had to turn his back on him because he took upon himself all our sins but I just don’t buy that anymore. A real Father especially a Heavenly or Perfect Father could never forsake his child no matter what the circumstances. So you have to believe that God was wrong or that Jesus was wrong, or to me the more obvious answer is that passing the story along the last guy who wrote it down got it wrong again. There are some other obvious contradictions in the Good Book like Paul saying in one place there is no longer male or female for we are one but in another that he does do allow women to have authority over men. Did Paul cave in to the ole boys club or is this just another case where men flat out got it wrong. We do that and more than two more centuries of war are not a tribute to the Prince of Peace nor his followers. I challenge every Christian, Jew, Muslim, and Hindu (and all the rest) to disregard the most discouraging words every spoken or written, “There will always be wars and rumors of wars” and instead believe the MoTown prophet who yelled, “War, good God ya’ll, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!!!” And for all of us to make up our minds to follow the lesson of so many who have fought and survived war – “to study war no more.” I attach a link to my Mockingbird version of the song, From A Distance which makes the point better than my words here. We talk about beating cancer. How about we beat war first because it kills way more people than even cancer. If we take the profit out of treating cancer and pursuing war it will be a big step in finding a cure for both.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Believing all wars can and should end, by God, and by mankind.

David White

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