Life’s A Holiday On Primrose Lane

Blog 950 – 04.01.2018

Life’s A Holiday On Primrose Lane

If anyone is looking for an Easter blog or and April Fools Day blog I am afraid they are going to be disappointed. As a writer, singer, song writer I try not to disappoint – surprise, stretch you credulity a bit perhaps, but the last thing I want to do is disappoint. It is the opposite of encouragement which is my stock and trade. I have been for most of my life a “people pleaser.” I have long loved dressing up in my Santa suit and even more on July twenty-fifth and Halloween, two of my most favorite Santa gigs. Santa seldom ever disappoints and has a lot of people including moms and dad’s working hard to up hold his good name.

Elvis (Presley, not Costello, I never dreamed as a child there was any other or so many other guys named Jesus) anyway Elvis P. sang, “ Why Can’t Every Day Be Like Christmas” so today on my Daily Mockingbird Song email I sang one of my favorite Alabama songs, “Christmas In Dixie.” I am after all a southern boy, born and bred, and I thought it a great follow up to “Down Home” that I emailed yesterday to all on my Daily Mockingbird Song List. I offer links here to both songs. Hear that southern twang in my voice? Even so, I must have been a Yankee boy in another life for I dearly love snow even more than most of the Wisconsin and Indiana folk that I have spent the last four years working with.

So, no Easter blog just a passing reference to God on holiday in the movie “Dogma.” Who knew God loved Ski-ball and why wouldn’t She/He. The Easter story is a beautiful story especially after that horrendous Good Friday story. Jesus, the more famous one, had a pretty rough time on that Friday and “good” was not his choice of adjectives for it. But it makes for quite a drama, just ask Mel Gibson. What was with the Aramaic voice over and subtitles anyway Mel? Not a lot of folk speak Aramaic anymore or Latin either but that reminds me of a great Glynis John quote from one of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies, “While You Were Sleeping.” Glynis plays the grandma of the family in the story and they are at Sunday morning Mass and she pipes up, “I liked Mass better in Latin when you couldn’t understand what they were saying.” Maybe it is a Catholic thing, huh Mel?

But back to Dogma, a much more fun movie than Mel’s Easter one. In Dogma God takes a holiday. I believe that is exactly what all of these our lives are meant to be, God on holiday, trying on countless roles and scenarios. Before Christianity was co-opted by the State Church of Rome, the religious Romans celebrated a spring ritual to their nature goddess, Easter. Some carry overs are the eggs, bunnies, and bright spring colors. The Romans were already pretty good at incorporating the religions of those they had conquered and had gotten a little tired of killing Christians a lot of whom, like their founder, seemed to have a crucifixion complex, and were enjoying it too much and not even promised seventy virgins. I mean wouldn’t one wise woman who knew what she was doing make it more a paradise, go figure. It must have been a Roman who coined the expression, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” The Roman State Church’s rolls really swelled with making Christianity the sanctioned religion and there was always somebody else to take the Christian’s place in the original Hunger Games – Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my, Dorothy.

Have a great Easter and enjoy your holiday, you god and goddess you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Feeling especially playful on this Lord’s Day,

David White

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