A Tale Of Woe Or Woah, Your Choice

Blog 949 – 03.31.2018

A Tale Of Woe Or Woah, Your Choice

There has been more than one time in my life that I thought that no one other than my mother was ever really going to love me. Like many men I was always reading articles about how to win women. About fifteen years ago during one of those periods when I felt quite unloved I remember reading about the importance of self talk in changing the perception of our reality and for several days, weeks, months I said out loud and daily to myself a little mantra, something like. “I am loved and desired by lovely ladies that I draw to myself for I am a very lovable guy and women especially find me attractive.”

I find it astonishing now how difficult and shaky it was for me to believe then that we do indeed create our own reality by the thoughts we think and the words we say, those words are true for me today as any words ever were or will ever be in my life. Seeing is not believing as the old saying goes but far more accurate is the reverse, believing is seeing.

I do find myself being loved and though I do not think of myself as a sultan with a harem but merely a story teller, who likes to draw, take pictures, read, write, and sing songs I guess I am attracting a small following. I promise you that I intend to be the best friend to as many as I possible can for I think that I have discovered the secret to having and being a good friend, yes, even to being a great lover, and that is first and foremost to see how truly lovable we are. You will find everyone else is too.

Everyone is always trying to change the world that they find themselves in. To do that is really quite simple, any one can do it easily in two small steps:

1. First find yourself. Find out who you really are, why you are here, what you want. Learn all there is to love about

that person.

2. Secondly, change your mind. It is so freeing just to forget the past and press on the the high calling to be the

best, the healthiest, the happiest you, that only you, can be.

I believe that is why we are here in the first place, to forget our immediate past and remember who we were before this adventure began, have always been, and will always be, adventure after adventure, SKOW – Something Kind Of Wonderful.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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