Have A a Great Day

Blog 952 – 04.02.2018

Have A Great Day

Have a great day. It is always there for you and for me, for everyone. We just need to not let the little surprises distract us or maybe some slight distractions are good for us too. We are I think too quick like Alice to go down any rabbit hole and miss another wonderful day in the sun.

And I know many of you may be groaning after Easter weekend, “Oh, no, another Monday. But even Monday can be to us a Good Friday and not a “getting nailed” one either, and Jesus will forgive me for that terrible pun. He promised that he would.

We all can remember those wonderful days when we were young and the world was our oyster, spreading deliciously before us, on the half shell so to speak. But, today and any new day really is meant to be even more so, bigger, brighter, and better.

That is mine and your Maker’s wish

-You be tattooed with Foster’s, kiss

No blessing or happiness ever miss

It’s up to you, please remember this.

Someone has said that in every thing that comes to us as tragic and disturbing as at first glance it may seem that there is indeed a gift. The glad and grateful heart always takes the time to find the good in everyone and every thing. That my friend is what makes every day a good day and that is why I try to always say when asked, “How are you? – “I’m find and dandy, and you?”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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